How To Make Good Navigation

By Admin

November 01, 2007


No everybody knows our site, maybe only a few among them familiar with our site and another them are new visitors who not accustomed yet with navigation system provided in our website.


Like visiting another country for the first time, a visitor / tourism need a plain guide so it would not be lost, they will take a map and look at the mark all the way.

So do with a site visitor, they need a plain guide so they can find what they looking for direct in that site, so that why a warm communication with site visitor will make them comfort and feel like home in our site.

As a good host, we should have been giving facility which help visitors to find information they looking for quick and accurate, or we will take a risk leave by visitors without saying "see you next time" or even "good bye". Worse if they told their experience to their friends or family.



How to Make Communication With Visitors?

For communication with visitor, we can do in many ways, there are:

Beside several methods above maybe there are any other ideas like providing live chat, so visitor can call you directly when they need help or at least you willing to answer visitor e-mail quickly, to help that visitor.

Making Navigation System that Easy to Understand

There a moment when we busy to think a good design for our site, but do not forget that "usability" is important also. Not only a good design which made visitor like our site, comfortable in searching information no less important also. A good navigation system will help visitor to find its destiny quickly. Make Web Navigation concept first before design your web.

Special Directive in Particularly Pages

Some time, it is not get attention from a web designer, but actually special directive which appropriates with particularly pages will really helping visitor do their activity in our site. Example, directive which put in registration page. A few names which permitted for a "username", what kind of character is permitted and big or small letter. Some time visitor knows all of this after press the button.

Completing Site with Site Map

Site map can give brief picture but complete about whole site content. Site map will useful for scanning information that needed by our site visitors.

Web Searching Facility

For many people who has no much time, searching all site page to looking for information which needed can make them angry, so that why searching facility will be so important for them. With providing this facility in our site, visitor will feel comfort with easiness to looking for information they need.

Error Message

For many visitors who have not enough knowledge about computer and internet, unexplained error message can confusing them or even make them panic. A word like "Fatal error" without enough explanation will make them more confused, even less about personal data or failed register when they really need it in short time.

A good error message usually informing thing like: what problem is happening and how to solve it then along with connected link.

Help and 'First time tutorial'

Making site documentation and collecting useful information in "help", some time it makes us lazy to do, even less for non-commercial site. But actually this is really useful for us or for visitors.

A good site is usually providing a guidance, "how-to" or "first time tutorial" for its visitor.


At last.....communication and navigation system with site visitor will make them comfortable and no doubt will coming again to visit our site.

Pepen Saepudin, Member of Muslim Information Technology Association (MIFTA).