Introduce with ASP Script

ASP History

ASP is short term from Active Server Pages that is one of the web program languages to create dynamic web page.

ASP is one of technology product provide by Microsoft. ASP process by web server and this process output created HTML that will send by browser. ASP run at web server and it is server side scripting

Different with VBScript that runs at client side (called client side scripting). Even so, ASP use VBScript as it program basic language. Because it character server side scripting so ASP can run at all web browser different with client side scripting that run only depend on browser. Example VBScript can run only at internet explorer browser and can not run at Netscape browser.

ASP is easy to learn you need only to know HTML and VBScript. With ASP you can built dynamic web application.

ASP known is a popular competing with PHP and other web language like Java Servlet, Cold Fusion, etc. ASP introduced to the world for the first time on July 16 1996, and it is known as Code Denali. Beta version ASP released on November 1996. And at last ASP Version 1.0 official at public market on December 12 1996.

Microsoft then develops ASP. At 1998, Microsoft issued newts software web server, Internet Information Server 4.0 (IIS 4.0) that run at Windows NT 4.0 and Personal Web Server 4.0 (PWS 4.0) that run at Windows ‘98.

This new Software web server get support ASP Version 2.0. With windows 2000 release, Microsoft launches Internet Information Server 5.0 (IIS 5.0) and newts’ version ASP Version 3.0. IIS 5.0 actually more integrated with windows 2000 in one packet operation system. ASP is known widely more since March 1997.

ASP more popular cause it is easy to learned. Of course there are many other web programming language like PHP, Cold Fusion, Java Servlet, that no less popular than ASP. That is a glance of introduction and history of ASP. Let’s go to next step.

Asp page can be made by many program languages but Microsoft recommend VB script (subet from Visual Basic) and JS Script (looks like C Language, JavaScript Microsoft version). In fact another language can use also, like perl.

What ASP pre-eminence is?
Using ASP advance is easiness. In ASP known has:

- SESSION VARIABLE which can use to deposit single visitor data. ASP known integrated enough with database.

- A good object model. Trough this object model, you can access and modify HTTP header and document component trough a set of method and property.

However this easiness is any thing that can’t do by mod_perl and PHP. HTML::Embperl, is example that support variable session. Even PHP and mod_perl can modify HTTP header and support persist data base connection.

What ASP failing is? We must be carefully using ASP from security problem like, bug::$data that enable visitor to see source code of a page.

However ASP security problem interrelated nether level architecture that is IIS/NT, not wholly ASP designed and implemented cause.

Dynamic web

Above we might explain already a glance about ASP that creates to make web page be dynamic. Maybe some of us wonder what is dynamic web is?

Dynamic and static web explicit can discernible at it appearance. If we see a web page content that only related with other web page so we can say it is a the web static.

Why static?  Because user can see only document content at web page and if we click the document will move to the next web page. User interaction with browser only look at information but can not to process information produced.

Static web usually as HTML only that typed by text editor and deposited in .html or .htm form. While dynamic web enable us to interaction using form so we can process the information appear.

What necessary to run ASP?

Briefly we explain already about ASP, side scripting server, side scripting client and dynamic web. Maybe we more impatient to try learn ASP, what we have to know before how and what necessary to run ASP.

  • To start write ASP programming language be need a text editorial at minimum or other web development tools like Visual Interdev, Homesite, Dreamweaver, etc.
  • Web server that support ASP. Actually ASP can run also at other server like Apache, Lotus, etc that run at non windows operation system like Unix/Linux,
  • To see and do test at a page, we need of course web browser. Like explanation above that ASP can run at all browsers. In this tutorial author using Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1.
  • The last and no less important is you have to know HTML tags so can good in follow the subject.