In-House vs. Out-of-House Web Server


By Admin

November 01, 2007

When you decide to build a web site, at those time you must decide to look for a house for your website that will build. Your website has to put in a web server which connects to internet for 24 hours a day.

The server can be a computer at your home or your office. Other choice is using Web Hosting Service that flourish in internet. The web hosting company will manage many things in technical that related to web server, so that you can concentrate your self at the content and navigation of your website.

Manage web server even more easy to run in and configuration, but it still need time and technique ability to give away to managing the server, it is not include the cost you must pay out for equipment.

If you just start or still manage a small website, i recommend you to using a hosting service from web hosting company or from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). This is an economical early solution potential for personal or start-up Company. In the future, if your website be larger and complex, maybe you need to see which a good alternative is.

With hosting service you will avoid to pay hardware and software expense that around $1.000 to tens million depend on equipment type. Just equipment not enough yet, you also have to pay site administrator. Of course with rent web hosting all of this will no need, but probably you still need to rent part-time consultant to help maintenance.

With methods above cost expending in first year will be different than use your own server. It necessary to notice that whatever you do, you still have responsibility to pay bill and keep your site content.

The cost to pay out usually varieties depend on location, ISP, many packed given by ISP, communication channel type, etc. The more complex your site, its development and maintenance cost will be higher too. The much more traffic that will generate the more expensive out-of-house provider cost too.

Other option is co-location. With co-location service, provider will provide maintenance space and facility to our server that physicaly put on their site. This option is good choice if we can buy good strong equipment but don't want to take care and run the system 24 hours.


We will discuss about co-location server at other day.